2022 Events


25-26 AUGUST 2022, ONLINE

A Call to Awareness, Advocacy, Action, and Transformation for Inclusive Leadership. 
Join the ILA community and others who are passionate and purposeful about Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB)
from a global perspective as we examine the intersectionality of the components of diversity for two days
of empowering speeches, deep dive workshops, and information-rich roundtable discussions.

Join me on Friday, August 26, 2022 13:20 – 14:25 (EDT) / 19:20 – 20:25 (SAST) as I host my workshop:
From Transactional to Transformative: Fostering Appreciative Leadership as a Foundation and Catalyst for DEIB, Spaciousness, and True Change

Overview: How can we harness hope, positivity, and possibility to generate and co-create new and transformative ways of engaging
and working together that are truly inclusive, equitable, and just? In this workshop, Tanya Cruz Teller will engage participants in learning about
the principles and process for using an appreciative approach to individual and collective change for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.
She will share insights from client work, ranging from non-profits in the U.S., for-profits in South Africa, and a government agency
network spanning 64 countries. Building on the concept and practice of appreciative leadership, which she defines as “a relational process by which people …
emphasize appreciative relationships to themselves and each other, seek to build on that which is working well, and together innovate
that which is possible into fruition,” (Cruz Teller, 2021, pp. 396-397), and grounded in her Spaciousness Theory of Change, Cruz Teller will guide
participants as they experience the power of a positive approach that not only encounters and considers the complexities and conflicts of the
times we live in, but also supports us to find new directions and possibilities that truly inspire inclusion, innovation, action, and change.
Reference: Cruz Teller, T. (2021). Inspiring inclusion with the Appreciative Leadership Lotus Model. In B. M. Ferdman, J. Prime, & R. Riggio (Eds.), Inclusive leadership:
Transforming diverse lives, workgroups, and societies (pp. 394-406). Routledge.


21 -23 APRIL 2022, ONLINE

This was THE global Appreciative Inquiry gathering! With 40+ speakers, 30 sessions, sessions in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, and Portuguese,
spanning across every time zone. The AI Jam‘s goal is to increase access to Appreciative Inquiry practitioners, stories, research, dialogue
and so much more. This year’s innovation was aimed at invigorating regional hubs in particular.

Marlene and Tanya were delighted to be South Africa regional hosts for the Jam’s global panel and two sessions. 

Organizational Change: A DEI Journey from Intention to Action with Inquiry
Hosts Tanya Cruz Teller & Marlene Ogawa with Speakers Kara Schmitt, Barbara Lewis, Amanda Trosten-Bloom
(Rocky Mountain Center for Positive Change, USA) and Liesel Scott (Open Circles, South Africa).
In this panel conversation you could hear from experienced and novice Appreciative Inquiry practitioners sharing the DEI with AI processes they learned
and applied in their own personal and collective work, positively impacting their business. How do white-led organizations grow from an intention
to become more diverse, equitable and inclusive to a framework of actions? What is the personal journey that their leaders can take to move from
intention to action with Appreciative Inquiry? One of our
hopes was to emphasize that while this work can feel overwhelming, continuing to identify the next best step and doing so in dialogue with others is
professionally impactful and personally meaningful.  We hope this will encourage others to consider where and how they might begin.

AI in the Tragic: From Hurt to Healing with Generative Questions
Joan MacArthur-Blair’s and Jeanie Cockell’s seminal book on Resilience with AI, David Cooperrider invites us to practice the least understood
AI: Appreciative Inquiry in the Tragic. For some that has meant AI in organisations responding to the pandemic, for us it has meant AI in
response to the social change of our time: working to increase intercultural, diversity, equity and inclusion in families, communities and
organisations. This means not avoiding nor dis-regarding the trauma and exclusion of marginalised people and identities, nor the shame
and discomfort of privilege – instead, finding what is life-giving within the sorrow to blossom from.

From WAIC 2019 (our gender equity keynote) to our first AI Jam in Vermont (DEI session that led to an Open Space session of
Generative Questions) to our global DEI with AI Course, we’ve seen that AI practitioners continue to yearn for how to (and some
grapple with why) transform the tragic and the painful with Appreciative Inquiry. Our experience working to increase DEI by
inquiring into what is life-giving in the tragic can be central to everyone’s AI practice.

This was a working session as insights and clarity are found through practicing formulating generative, appreciative questions within
(not outside of) marginalized identities. Inspired by our Appreciative Leadership Lotus Model, the flower can only grow from the mud,
let’s us find our strengths in the most unlikely places and experiences. We began by presenting our South African insights from working
with over 100 DEI with AI practitioners across the globe (whose networks reach in the thousands) and then started working collaboratively
in different groupings by diversity markers. We ended with sharing both generative questions and experiences across groups to inspire
and build our capacity to thrive together!


5 – 7 APRIL 2022, ONLINE

The largest workplace DEI conference: The Forum on Workplace Inclusion’s 34th Annual Conference, Solving for X, Tackling inequalities in a world
of unknowns took place in April 2022. This year we have been asked to be part of the Conference’s official podcast series! Marlene Ogawa, Stephen Read
and Tanya Cruz Teller trust you’ll enjoy and learn from listening to our work on “Interrupting Intercultural Codeshifting: Global ICDEI through a strengths-based lens.”
Send us an e-mail at hello@spaciousness.works if you would like to received a link to the podcast.



Celebrating a year long journey of birthing (aka editing) an issue of the International Journal
of #AppreciativeInquiry with an incredible collaborator and mastermind Sherri Sutton, CRP, CPTD, ACC.

Several authors participated and shared all that they’ve learned in accelerating AI through technology!

This free webinar was hosted by the David L. Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry.



Marlene Ogawa, Ilene Wasserman, Ph.D. and I are guest editing the November 2022 issue of the International Journal of Appreciative Inquiry,
focused on Intercultural, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the workplace. I you would like to write an article for the AI Practitioner based on
your ICDEI with AI work, then visit their website for more information: https://aipractitioner.com/2022/03/10/call-for-articles.
Deadline for proposals is closed. If you need more information please email hello@spaciousness.works