Advise: Thought partnering, strategic design & facilitation and custom processes using an appreciative lens to bring joy and spaciousness to work.

Convene: In-person or virtual dialogues and curated gatherings that nurture spaciousness and multiply voices and opportunities to engage the whole.

Speak: Local and international speaking, moderating and collaborative writing guided by the Appreciative Leadership Lotus Model and the Theory of Spaciousness.

DEI with AI Course:
Learn how to apply appreciative inquiry principles, processes and tools to your personal and professional projects.

The Spaciousness Theory of Change states that when leaders and their

teams experience a sense of spaciousness within, not outside of, the

complexity and conflict of these times, they can make decisions that inspire

inclusion, innovation, and action plans for results that are collectively owned. 

In reflecting on what central principles emerged from our practice, the

lotus surfaced as a working metaphor and became our model of an

appreciative leadership process that can create spaciousness.

Reference: Cruz Teller, T. (2020). Inspiring Inclusion Using the Appreciative Leadership Lotus Model. In B. M. Ferdman, J. Prime, R. Riggio (Eds.),
Inclusive Leadership: Transforming Diverse Lives, Organizations, and Societies. New York: Routledge.

Tanya Cruz Teller is the lead consultant at Spaciousness Works and a passionate leader of systemic change processes founded on principles of personal transformation, collaborative partnerships, whole systems thinking and appreciative inquiry. As an organisation development practitioner her work is committed to building a diverse, equitable and inclusive world.