Thought partnering, strategic design & facilitation and custom processes using an appreciative lens to bring joy and spaciousness to work.

In-person or virtual dialogues and curated gatherings that nurture spaciousness and multiply voices and opportunities to engage the whole.

Local and international speaking, moderating and collaborative writing guided by the Appreciative Leadership Lotus Model and the Theory of Spaciousness.

Along with associate consultants in South Africa, Mexico, Singapore and the US, Spaciousness Works has engaged hundreds of leaders and teams around the globe in the following core business areas:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Visioning and Team Building
  • Values and Culture Alignment
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Whole System Inclusion
  • Building Innovation and Inclusion with Virtual Teams
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Change Management
  • Participatory Online Conferencing and Workshops
  • Divergent Group Convening
  • Women in Leadership
  • Grant-making, Corporate Social Investment, Youth Giving
  • Program Directing and Master of Ceremonies
  • Facilitation, Holding Change and Space Holding
  • Coaching and Executive Thought Partnering

Our processes are designed to empower your team or gathered participants and outfit them with the tools they need to thrive.

Talk to us today about how we can support your team, event, organization or community thriving.

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We are a registered entity.

Examples of designing and facilitating complex OD, AI and ICDEI retreats and strategic planning process include:

  • A 3 year strategic plan centring DEI for a large family services organisation turning 150 years old.
  • An ICDEI staff retreat for over 50 employees of an international service organisation.
  • A global all staff retreat centring the global south of a global north founded climate organisation (active in 188 countries).
  • Re-building trust across identity politics and constituencies to build a shared strategy and ways of working in a political organisation.
  • Designing and leading retreats and planning workshops for EXCOs of numerous listed entities in SA, operating on the continent, at the request of management consulting firms.
  • An inclusive pan African growth strategy spanning different languages and cultures.
  • Coaching leaders representing different organisations to plan and implement inclusive change processes.
  • Aligning online processes and digital platforms for a women-centred leadership curriculum of a globally recognised women’s trust’s pan African entrepreneurship programme.

Clients & Partners

Clients & Partners include: the private sector, foundations, CBOs, NGOs, International NGOs, government agencies, training institutions, and grant-making institutions. We are a registered entity.