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Co-Creating Strengths Based Intercultural Relationships In All Spaces

Learn how to apply Appreciative
Inquiry principles, processes, and tools
to foster strength based intercultural relationships.

Courses available in March and October 2024.

Traditional approaches to diversity, equity, and inclusion focus on identifying and remedying problems. While this is necessary for change, it can perpetuate a deficit-based mindset and weaken relationships.

Appreciative Inquiry, a successful approach to fostering positive change, expands our focus to identifying, exploring, and amplifying strengths and opportunities in all our relationships, to build bridges across divides (e.g. people, processes, systems of work, communities, and families).

Learn how to build your intercultural competence by applying Appreciative Inquiry’s tools, processes, and principles into your daily practices. Come prepared to collaboratively inquire into what’s working and what’s possible to create the change we want to see in our workplaces, communities, and family systems.

Virtual Appreciative Inquiry
Facilitator Training
(vAIFT) – Accelerated

What might be possible if a community
of individuals were fully engaged
and using their strengths to collectively achieve shared visions?

The Virtual Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator Training (vAIFT)© is an online certification program that engages participants to learn about the foundations and principles of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) as well as provide the skills necessary to facilitate appreciative inquiry sessions in all human systems (large or small). 

This course teaches the basics of Appreciative Inquiry including principles, 5-Ds, supporting theory and research and then delves deeper by providing experiential exercises that teach participants how to define the topic of inquiry, practice positive framing, work with core teams, design and field test an interview protocol, and more…

This Appreciative Inquiry foundations course includes mini-lectures, and experiential learning (individual, pairs, trios, small group, and large group) as well as auditory and visual materials to enhance the learning experience.

Leadership Image

Inclusive Leadership: Co-Creating Cultures of Belonging and Shared Accountability

Learn bespoke Appreciative Inquiry processes and tools that build your leadership for innovation and inspired action.

Courses available in March and October 2024.

A leader in today’s world is tasked with the complex, challenging and sometimes rewarding requirement of creating success through collaboration and accountability across diverse, intercultural teams. Leaders are also tasked with setting a high performing culture that employees want to belong to.

While traditional leadership approaches focus on identifying and remedying problems, there is now substantial research pointing to employees who use their strengths at work, are more engaged, perform better and have higher well-being. In this course, learn leadership models and practical tools for identifying and boosting strengths in your team for increased innovation and inspired action. Additionally, you will build your own leadership resilience and take away a strengths based leadership toolkit.

This course will also address the dilemma of leaders who are tasked with delivering on cultures of innovation (also known as resilience in high change environments): how to grow their team simultaneously towards cohesion and uniqueness – defined by the ability to value divergent views and navigate healthy conflict.

Leader Requirement: you must have a formal direct supervisory relationship with at least two other people. There is no requirement to be familiar with Organization Development (a business science that applies planning and change strategy to help an organization achieve its goals). In this course, you will learn our globally successful application of Appreciative Inquiry (a field within OD where change is successfully accomplished through focusing on strengths – widely used by leaders in organizations ranging from the UN to corporates, faith-based organizations, philanthropic and public service organizations) to support you in creating, supporting, and implementing belonging, bridging and accountability actions as a Leader.


Resilience: Your Self-Paced Journey of Personal Growth and Wellbeing 

Learn how to effectively deal with challenges, enjoy greater wellbeing, and pursue a life that you feel is most worth living in our self-guided (evergreen) course.

Drawing from the science and practice of Positive Psychology and Appreciative Inquiry, you’ll explore and cultivate strategies essential for overcoming obstacles and setbacks on your journey. Positive Psychology and Appreciative Inquiry invite us to rethink how we approach life’s ups and downs, focusing on leveraging our strengths and seizing opportunities for growth.

This 6 module program embraces life’s positive and negative aspects. Guided exercises will show you how to reframe negative situations, laser focus on what you can control and do so by using your strengths and taking advantage of opportunities.

We can all improve our resilience. Therefore, the key aim of this program is to help you develop your resilience so you can be better equipped to navigate life’s storms and pursue your ideal life. At the end of the 6 modules completed at your own pace, you will walk away with your unique resilience plan.

Your journey towards greater wellbeing through increased resilience begins now.

Looking to bring our bespoke courses to your team and organisation?